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Birchall Iced Green Tea & Melon Cooler

Aug 1, 2017 | Excellence

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Summer is officially here and to celebrate we’ve created our favourite Iced Tea recipes for you and your family to try over the warmer months. Let’s hope it’s a BBQ Summer and we can get out into our gardens and relax in the warm sunshine and sip on these refreshing and delicious drinks!

Birchall Iced Green Tea & Melon Cooler

A perfect combination of Birchall Green Tea and melon, delivered cold and refreshing.
Brew the Birchall Green Tea prism teabag in freshly boiled water for 2 minutes and leave to chill. Fill a glass with ice and add 10ml of Melon Syrup. Pour the tea over the ice. Stir well. Garnish with a slice of Melon
• Birchall Green Tea prism tea – 150ml
• Melon Syrup – 1.5 tbsp
• Ice Cubes
• Sliced Melon to Garnish