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Aug 26, 2015 | #BirchallsBritain


Although our tea is predominantly sourced from East Africa, we trade through London and we consider ourselves very much a British family that have had their base firmly rooted in London over five generations.

It’s our British roots and our constant pursuit in heightening tea-tasting experiences in every cup that has led us to look to bring our discernment in tea to discernment in all things British. But what does this all mean specifically we hear you ask.

Well we are very excited to start to talk to you about what will be a long-term program of content brought to you exclusively by Birchall Tea. In the next couple of weeks we will be launching an engaging and informative series of monthly features called #BirchallsBritain.

“In the next couple of weeks we will be launching an engaging and informative series of monthly features called #BirchallsBritain.”

Through the unique content we want to heighten our fans experiences of different regions throughout the UK. Each feature will celebrate a region through their unique environments, places of interest, local foods & produce, culture, heritage & people. We want to inspire our fans to get involved too through our social channels, ultimately we want to build a community of people who love all the things that are Great about Great Britain.

We will be starting our journey within the South West of England region and specifically Cornwall and Devon. Here we will be looking to open the doors to some notable restaurants in the area revealing how they source their local produce and create their signature dishes, whilst providing local culinary tips. Alongside this we will be looking to highlight key geographical features, wildlife, nature and flowers native to the area whilst recommending hidden gems and the best in homes and gardens. Finally we want to showcase the best in art and literature synonymous to the region including galleries and exhibitions and hero-ing famous crafts, writers and artists.

“We head to the South-West for our first #BirchallsBritain feature.”

We will be looking for our local community to champion what they think is best within the region too. Ultimately we want this program to be a fantastic source of inspiration for both locals and visitors alike. To top it all off we will also be organising a series of mini tea-tasting events within each region at one of its iconic destinations so we can share our great tasting tea across this great nation.

We are excited to take you on this journey and we hope that the things we feature will in some way heighten the many experiences that this green and pleasant land has to offer. Of course if you have any suggestions or want to get involved further feel free to get in touch with us through our social media.

Join us on our journey around the UK…