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Introducing Birchall Traditional Breakfast Tea In Packs Of 40

Apr 6, 2021 | Birchall, Birchall's Brand, Excellence

Welcome To The Latest Member Of The Birchall Family “Birchall Traditional Breakfast Tea In Packs Of 40”

As many members of our loyal Birchall Tea Communitea already know, we pride ourselves on creating tea that is full of flavour and bursting with rich colour. We are extremely passionate about delivering the perfect blend every time, and fully believe that our superior tasting English Breakfast Tea sets us apart from the rest of the competition. We want to share our great-tasting blends with as many passionate tea drinkers as possible, and showcase why we are recognised for cultivating the very finest tea leaves. We understand the importance of listening to our customer feedback, and as we begin to try and introduce our great tasting range to the wider public, we are looking to connect with fellow tea drinkers, and encourage them to sample our world-famous English Breakfast Tea. Our current collection features all of the classics, from Chai Tea, to Earl Grey. Whilst we also accommodate those looking to branch out and try herbal aromas, from our delicious Jasmine Tea to our irresistible Peppermint tea.

Best-Selling English Breakfast Tea  

It will surprise nobody to learn that Traditional English Breakfast Tea has always reigned supreme amongst casual and avid tea drinkers alike. It is the best-selling variety of tea within our great-tasting collection, and its popularity today remains undeniable. Whether it is being consumed in offices around the world, at home with the family, or part of an early morning routine, the demand for great tasting Breakfast Tea has been evident for over 200 years! We know there is an appetite for great tasting tea, and have discovered countless individuals who would love to try our Traditional English Breakfast tea. We want to make our rich Breakfast Tea accessible to as many people as possible. We appreciate that new customers may not necessarily want to commit to our current option of 80 teabags, especially if they are simply looking to try our blend before committing to a change in teabag. We can also fully understand that loyalty towards a certain brand of teabag is quite common, and it can be easy to sit on the fence and refuse to deviate from the comforting taste of a blend which has served you well for so many years. Therefore, to provide our existing customers with greater flexibility on their orders, and encourage new members into our communitea, we are making our collection available in packs of 40. We hope this small, but significant change will allow people who aren’t sure whether to sample our world-renowned blends an opportunity to treat themselves, without committing to a larger order. In even better news, these packs of 40 Traditional English Breakfast teabags will be available to purchase for only £2.99. If you would prefer to reduce your caffeine intake, our great-tasting decaf range will be priced at £3.50. 

Superior Tasting Tea – A Family Tradition

We hope this will allow many more individuals an opportunity to discover the superior taste of our full-bodied English Breakfast tea. Our quality promise ensures a perfect cup of tea every time, regardless of personal taste preference. Since 1872, it has been our family responsibility, and long-time passion to cultivate great tasting tea. Our meticulous approach to tea tasting and selection ensures that only the best leaves are used to make our exquisite blend. We believe every cup of tea should represent a great taste experience, and we are proud of the rich flavour associated with our English Breakfast tea. There is a reason why we are regarded as experts in the art of great-tasting tea, reinforced by the accolade that our rich English Breakfast tea has been voted a winner at the Great Taste Awards for a record 10 years in-a-row! Our tea is fully Rainforest Alliance Certified™, and captures the freshness and delicious taste of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley, delivering a superior taste every time. 

Our tea collection is always 100% pure main grade black leaf tea which means no powder, dust or stalk is added. As soon as our teas are selected we preserve the full flavour by packing our teas within 8-12 weeks of picking. This is against an industry standard of around 4-6 months and allows us to maintain the high-quality taste you enjoy today. Our tea tasters dedicate up to 5 hours a day to tea tasting, and it takes up to 5 years, or roughly one million cups, for a tea taster to truly develop their tea tasting skills and be eligible to become a Birchall tea taster.

The customer comes first: 

The decision to offer packs of 40 comes from a desire to listen and understand both new and existing customers. We take customer Service extremely seriously, most recently gaining recognition for our customer Service in the form of a Feefo Gold Trusted service award. This award recognises that we are dedicated to delivering excellent customer service.

Discover Traditional English Breakfast Tea:

Providing a wonderful start to your day, our deliciously strong blend is bursting with brightness and flavour, uniquely refreshing, and ready to be enjoyed. Created using the knowledge passed down five generations of Birchall Graham’s family, this English Breakfast tea is a taste sensation not to be missed. Available in biodegradable, plant based tea bags our English Breakfast Tea is formed in high altitude, lush volcanic soil and heavy rainfall of this equatorial area combine to create the perfect set of conditions for growing tea of unparalleled flavour and taste.

Daniel Graham, Birchall’s Managing Director said “Last year we were delighted when our signature Great Rift Breakfast Blend won a Great Taste Award for the 10th year in succession. This achievement made all of us at Birchall Tea very proud as the blend is the culmination of our tea tasting and blending efforts and no other breakfast tea has achieved this sustained level of success. To commemorate this singular feat, we are launching Great Rift in a smaller pack size, containing 40 Plant-Based Everyday Tea Bags and, we hope, this new option will allow more tea drinkers the opportunity to discover superior tasting tea with us.”

How to make the perfect cup of English Breakfast Tea 

  • Temperature – The correct temperature for brewing a Great Rift Breakfast Blend is 100 degrees to allow the leaves to fully open and release our award-winning flavour.
  • Time – Always leave the tea bag in for the recommended time, we recommend 2 minutes. If you brew the tea for too long, it can become bitter; take the bag out too soon and the aromas may not have developed. We all know taste is subjective, so try taste testing to find your perfect cup of tea.
  • Water – Freshly drawn water, as oxygen within the water is key here. For the best, liveliest cup of tea you’ll need freshly drawn water. That means filling your kettle with fresh, filtered water. We like to use a BRITA filter, who recommend  “you remove the taste-impairing substances found in unfiltered water to enjoy the full flavour.”