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Our Master Tasters

Sep 8, 2015 | Birchall's Brand


We are proud of the meticulous approach to our tea selection to ensure that only the best leaves are used to make our perfect blends. We are the only tea to have such a dedicated selection process and we know that it is in part this, which delivers our unrivalled taste.

“£10 million worth of tea is traded in Mombasa each week.”

Our tea is bought in Mombasa, the largest port in East Africa and a place which now holds the world’s largest tea export auction every Tuesday with over £10 million worth of tea being traded every week. It is here in Mombasa that our tea tasters truly make the difference and ensure that our blends are consistently of the highest quality.

Our tea tasters select only the top 6 tea batches from nearly 4000 presented at auction in Mombasa every week. It’s this dedication to taste and uncompromising on quality, which really sets us apart.

“Our tea tasters taste up to 750 teas a day.”

Our tea tasters taste up to 750 teas a day and out of all these teas usually only around 5 of them would be graded high enough to meet the Birchall standard and be eligible for a Birchall blend.




To read further about  our tea selection process and the tasters who deliver the fine quality of tea you are drinking at home head to our Tea Selection page.