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Rosewood Tea Tasting

Aug 26, 2015 | Events


On August the 27th we will be hosting a very special day at the iconic and exclusive Rosewood Hotel in Holborn London. This is a key point in the brands history and we want to share this moment with some of our biggest fans and trade partners. We also have a very important message to share with our key partners and we thought we wanted to make as big a song and dance about it as we could.

To coincide with our new website launch, we hope you like it by the way and our upcoming consumer campaign which will be launching in the upcoming weeks we thought this was a perfect opportunity to deliver a strong statement to the tea drinking world.

“Pleased to announce our tasting event at the prestigious Rosewood London.”

This exciting event will include a very special tea tasting experience hosted by one of the founding family members Daniel Graham. The lucky participants from the world of social media and trade will experience an inspirational tea tasting experience alongside learning all about what makes our tea so special. We will be delivering an afternoon tea tasting experience like no other but there’s an important message to this all too.

Some say that tea has had its day but we say they’re wrong. 9/10 British people drink tea everyday but for even the most ardent tea drinkers, exceptional tea is alien to their kitchen cupboards. We want to restore prestige to our national drink and help people demand good quality tea on every occasion – whether they’re in their local cafe, restaurant or supermarket. We’re doing this with Great Rift, the breakfast blend, which we will be showcasing throughout the tea tasting experience, and also with our single estate Earl Grey, our green teas and fruit & herbal infusions.



Birchall is a tea company that champions better ways of growing, brighter fresher tea, blended without compromise. Because we know the public deserves better, we want them to demand better tea at the point of purchase and for teas like Great Rift to be held up as the tea that genuinely delivers a superior taste.

We hope that everyone will have an illuminating experience and a lot of fun too and we hope that those that attend the event will share our story and get the word out about how superior a taste the Great Rift blend is. We will share some lovely images from the event over the next few days.

Importantly over the upcoming months we will be hosting a number of equally special tea tasting events all across the British isles so that more people can get a chance to experience our perfect blends and find out a little bit more about what a quality cup of tea should look and taste like. If you would like to find out more about when a local tea-tasting event might be coming to a town near you please get in touch with us through our social channels.