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Tea With Artist Jenny Aitken

May 2, 2017 | #BirchallsBritain


As part of our celebration of Britain, we’re featuring some of the wonderfully talented people that make it so special and do their best to capture its beauty for all to enjoy. Jenny Aitken is an artist we love at Birchall Tea. Jenny lives in Derbyshire on the edge of the peak District, however her roots are in Alderney in the Channel Islands and as such, the sea is in her blood. This love for the sea attracts her regularly to Cornwall, where she is inspired by the varying seascapes she encounters there. We recently shared a pot of tea with Jenny to discuss her work, Cornwall and her love for the water!

“I first visited Cornwall as a child and was struck by how much it reminded me of Alderney in the Channel Islands, where my family originate.

Like Alderney, some areas seem to have changed little over the years, and that wild, timeless beauty has continued to draw me. I love to walk the cliff paths, surrounded by the buzz in the heather and gorse and the seabirds wheeling below. It’s the light that attracts me to paint the coast of Cornwall, and I’m fascinated by its changes as you travel from the north shores round to the south. I cannot resist the sparkles on the water, and the subtle colours in the shallows; the drama of big seas and resilient cliff.

Each painting I do offers me a new challenge, and I hope tells a story of my love of the sea.”  

To view more of Jenny Aitken’s work, jennyaitkenart.moonfruit.com