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An Aerial View of the South Downs

Mar 29, 2016 | #BirchallsBritain, Birchall Blog


Sam Moore is a professional photographer based in Sussex. Having the beautiful South Downs as his playground Sam has a natural love for Landscape photography. Recently gaining his Drone license Sam is able to capture the South Downs from any vantage point, leading to some incredible new views of this spectacular landscape. Here we share a tea with Sam to celebrate his work and understand why the South Downs is so special to him.

“On Devils Dyke on a clear day, you can see for miles and being away from the hectic city life, you are totally at peace and feel on top of the world”

How did you first come to enjoy the outdoors?

My Dad is very adventurous and in my youth we always used to be out and about either taking the dog for a walk, cycling or just going for walks. I was born and bred in Brighton so with the South Downs on my doorstop its somewhere I have always been and somewhere I find very relaxing.

When did you start photographing the South down?

I would say since Digital cameras started coming on the Market in the late 90`s. I found being able to take photos and instantly see them on the back of the screen amazing, and allowed me to experiment with different compositions. As my experience grew I started to appreciate the beauty of the Downs and its shapes and colours throughout the seasons (and weathers), and see it from a much more artistic perspective.

What is it about the South Downs that inspires your work?

Whatever the season and whatever the weather, the South Downs can either look beautiful, or even haunting. I love the shapes of the rolling hills and colour changes throughout the seasons. You could go to the same spot at various times of the year and always capture something different.

Autumn Rise-min

What is your favourite area of the downs?

A couple of areas really, Cuckmere Haven and Devils Dyke looking towards the Fulking Escarpment. The views are spectacular in both places. I could happily spend a whole day admiring the views. From Devils Dyke on a clear day you can see for miles and being away from the hectic city life, you are totally at peace and feel on top of the world. This is also a great place to enjoy a spectacular sunset. Cuckmere Haven is wonderful in the mornings and you can often catch views with lingering mist over the meandering river.

At what point of the year/season do you love the most on the South Downs?

Would have to be as we head into Autumn, when the colours start to change, and there is a real sense of crispness in the air.



To view more of Sam’s work visit www.sussexscenes.co.uk