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Artists Inspired by Cornwall

Oct 9, 2015 | #BirchallsBritain


With its dramatic coastline, sumptuous landscapes and clear light, Cornwall has long inspired many artists past and present. Here we feature 3 artists who all capture Cornwall’s beauty in different but captivating ways. From fused glass art to concentric patterns raked on the beach, read how Cornwall continues to inspire and delight.


Jenny Aitken

I first visited Cornwall as a child and was struck by how much it reminded me of Alderney in the Channel Islands, where my family originate.

Like Alderney, some areas seem to have changed little over the years, and that wild, timeless beauty has continued to draw me. I love to walk the cliff paths, surrounded by the buzz in the heather and gorse and the seabirds wheeling below. It’s the light that attracts me to paint the coast of Cornwall, and I’m fascinated by its changes as you travel from the north shores round to the south. I cannot resist the sparkles on the water, and the subtle colours in the shallows; the drama of big seas and resilient cliff.

Each painting I do offers me a new challenge, and I hope tells a story of my love of the sea.

 Jenny Aitken work can be viewed here jennyaitkenart.moonfruit.com

Galleries: The Harbour Gallery Cornwall, The Mulberry Tree Gallery Dorset




Debbie Lord – Fused Glass Art

I am hugely influenced by all aspects of seaside life, the colourful cottages, busy harbours and beach huts strung with bunting. My artwork conveys my love of Cornwall with its calm pace of life and beautiful scenery. Inspired by my long walks through coastal villages and along the cliffs and the reflection of light on the sea, I translate these images using bold colours and simple shapes to express the unique tranquility of Cornish life.

 “I create pictures that make me happy and hope they evoke a positive feeling in others, either as a memento of a special place, or simply as a colorful picture to escape a grey day”. 

Debbie Lord’s work can be viewed and purchased on her website here www.debbielord.co.uk




Chris Howarth – One man and his rake

I first got into this type of art (January 2015) by seeing a video online and thought it would be fun to try it on my local beach. After receiving really positive feedback I decided to carry on. After all I am surrounded by numerous beautiful beaches!

I am extremely lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country with both north coast and south coast within easy reach. My favourite beaches have dramatic cliff faces that lend themselves perfectly to an ideal aerial viewing platform. We are surrounded by many stunning beaches which I enjoy transforming into a canvas if only for a couple of hours between tides. I enjoy the transient nature of my work as nothing in life lasts forever so why should art?

View more work from Chris on his Instagram account @onemanandhisrake