Our New Tea Factory

Birchall Tea Factory Solar Powered

Our brand new Birchall Tea Factory in the South West of England is fully Solar Powered

East Africa’s finest Tea

Kenyan Tea
Our black teas are all sourced exclusively from the finest tea estates across East Africa.

Tea Tutorial Video

Great Rift Breakfast Blend

Make the perfect cup of Great Rift Breakfast Blend with this short brew guide

"The bushes took time to grow at such high elevation but with careful cultivation we created something truly special."


JULY 1872

Tea Selection

Tea Tasting & Selection

We are proud of our meticulous approach to tea selection that ensures that only the best leaves are used to make our perfect blends.

We are the only tea to have such a dedicated selection process and we know that it’s this dedication that delivers an unrivalled taste.

Meet our master tea tasters


Love great taste

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