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Our rich heritage and passion for creating perfect blends is reflected in our award-winning collection of teas and infusions. Through five generations of our family, starting with Birchall Graham, the pursuit for perfection continues to be the mantra we live by today. By not compromising on quality at any stage of the creation process, we are confident that every single cup of Birchall tea is absolutely perfect every time. Birchall’s signature black teas are all sourced exclusively from estates across East Africa, from Rwanda through to the Great Rift Valley in Kenya, where the very best teas are to be found.

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Our teas are always 100% pure main grade black leaf tea which means no powder, dust or stalk is added. To achieve this, we only select teas from estates that achieve the highest of picking standards. Their skilled farmers pick only the soft leaves and the bud each time. This is known as the Perfect Pick. It delivers the greatest quality from the tea bush and is evermore sought after.

“Our teas are always 100% pure main grade black leaf tea.”

It means that all Birchall teas produce bright, strong, golden infusions that are full-bodied and have a depth of flavour. All are cultivated from high grown, younger and more modern Camellia Sinensis bushes that grow, throughout the year, in ideal conditions.

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Each blend produced for our black tea collection benefits from our in-depth knowledge of the region matched by our buying power, enabling the company to select the very finest teas from the best estates at the correct times of the year.

“Our knowledge of the region matched by our buying power enables the company to select the very best teas available.”

By being present at origin, we are able to pack and ship the selected teas quickly, often far outstripping the competition by many months and retaining the optimum vibrancy and freshness in the leaves. The journey from green leaf to the dried tea leaves that you see at home takes place at the estate. The first stage in the process is ‘Withering’ where the tea-maker looks to reduce the moisture content of the green leaf by blowing air under them.

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The leaf then moves to the ‘Processing’ stage. All our black teas undergo the “Cut, Tear, Curl” method known in the trade as CTC. This technique produces a smaller cut of leaf compared to orthodox ‘whole leaf’ production. This smaller leaf has a greater surface area, for the weight of tea, and this translates into a faster brew time. The benefit of this is that, when making your tea at home, you will experience the qualities of well selected, fresh, CTC teas in both flavour and strength much quicker. Throughout this process and during the ‘Fermenting’ stage the green leaves are oxidising as they react with the air around them. This gives black tea its mahogany hue when brewed. Once the tea-maker considers the leaves to have reached the desired standard, the tea production is completed by ‘Drying’, ‘Sorting’ and ‘Packing’ the leaves. They are then ready for drinking and sale with only the finest being selected for the Birchall blends.


Our passion for teas is also reflected in our speciality Infusions range. Birchall’s unrivalled tea blending expertise has gone into creating each unique infusion. Each one is packed full of flavour and intense aromas to revitalise the taste buds. We devote considerable energy to sourcing and selecting only the finest ingredients, from around the world, and apply our Birchall ‘know-how’ to create naturally caffeine free, beautifully balanced fruit and herbal tea blends.

“Birchall’s unrivalled tea blending expertise has gone into creating each unique infusion.”

From classics such as Camomile and Peppermint, through to new favourites Lemongrass & Ginger and Redbush, our collection includes a tisane to suit every serving occasion and taste. As you can see our teas have been given a lot of love, care and attention over the generations and we can’t wait for you to appreciate our tea with a guaranteed perfect taste every time.

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Our Teas

A guide to the high quality ingredients we use in each of our teas and infusions.

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East Africa

Our black teas are all sourced exclusively from the finest tea estates across East Africa.

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Family Heritage

Our pursuit of perfection has been instilled in us through five generations of the Graham family.

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