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Birchall Interview Jack Stein from ‘The Seafood Restaurant’, Cornwall

Nov 17, 2015 | #BirchallsBritain

We’re very proud to be the Official Tea supplier for Rick Stein and his fantastic ‘The Seafood Restaurant’ in Padstow Cornwall. The Stein family and their restaurants are one of the great success stories of the South West. The family’s commitment to great taste and producing simple, beautifully balanced, delicious food, attracts people from all over the world.

Their tradition and dedication to quality draws parallels with our values and brings Birchall Tea and the Stein restaurants together.

We managed to share a cup of tea with Jack Stein, Rick’s oldest son, in their signature ‘The Seafood Restaurant’ in Padstow. Jack has recently been appointed to the lofty position of Executive Chef of all the Stein restaurants and at 33 he is young to have such a big responsibility. But Jack is well placed to lead the Stein empire, very aware of the values and standards his Dad has set in place and eager to see them upheld. His laid back, affable manor is perfectly suited to creating the relaxed, informal atmosphere, famous in the Stein restaurants. Also, Jack’s exceptional skills in the kitchen ensure that the quality of food is always world class.

Here Jack tells us why he thinks food in the south west is so good, what he gets up to on a typical day at the helm of the Stein food empire and how he uses our Earl Grey Tea to make great Custard!