125g Loose Leaf Tea  (2 Reviews)


Our Redbush tea is a classic red rooibos tea made from the soft needle-like leaves of the wild South African plant, Aspalathus linearis. Our pure origin redbush produces a gently hydrating infusion that is naturally caffeine free, making it a light and healthy way to lift your day.

In our pursuit of quality we have expertly sourced the best grade rooibos of all from the majestic Cederberg Mountains in South Africa’s Western Cape Province. This gives Birchall Redbush its deep red colour, soothing aroma and clear naturally sweet taste. It really is perfection to a tea and we look forward to you enjoying it as much as we do.

This infusion includes:

  • Rooibos


Weight – 125g

Our Redbush tea can be enjoyed anytime but we particularly enjoy it well earned and when you want to relax in the afternoon and treat yourself after achieving everything you set out to do that day.


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  1. Janina John

    I have been a rooibos drinker for many years , but this is the best of all!

    The rounded, smooth and gently sweet taste compliments the naturally refreshing nature of this lovely tea allowing the subtle flavour to really come through. The balance is perfect…I love it!!

  2. Katharine Loyd

    I love rooibos tea and have tried so many brands; none come close to Birchall. It is, quite simply, the best.

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