BRITA Water Filter

fill&enjoy Style - Grey   (0 Reviews)


BRITA water filters are the world’s leading drinking water filters and are used by our tea experts to achieve best results when tasting our teas and infusions.

The fill&enjoy Style is BRITA’s latest filter jug and takes water filtration another step into the future. It features premium innovations such as a visible Smart Light to monitor filter status and new MAXTRA+ power filtration and premium limescale reduction, resulting in an even better tasting water experience. What’s more, with its modern soft-shaped lid with silicone opening strap, it combines the very latest in smart water filter technology with contemporary design. We like that it fits in the fridge-door too!

• Supplied in Grey with 1 free Powerfilter MAXTRA+ cartridge.
• Capacity: 2,4 l (1,4 l filtered water)


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