Calories in a cup of tea

If you are looking to be a little more health-conscious, or just curious to discover how many calories you are consuming within your daily diet, you may wish to learn how your tea consumption impacts on your daily calorie intake.

We have put together a list which details the typical amount of calories you can expect from the teas and infusions within our collection. For example, if you are one of the millions who enjoy a golden traditional english breakfast tea with semi-skimmed milk, you will be looking at around 16 calories per cup of tea.

Breakfast Tea Calories

Meanwhile, our rich green tea, which is packed full of anti-oxidants, is around 2 calories per cup, before the addition of sugar, honey, or any other sweetener. Typically, tea without any sweet additions is virtually calorie free, it is an aromatic infusion which provides numerous health benefits, and is proven to benefit heart health.

Green Tea Calories

Calories breakdown for the Birchall Tea collection:

The list above underlines that our variety of tea has very little impact on your overall calorie allowance. It is only when you begin adding milk and sugar that the calorie content begins to fluctuate. Our signature teas are typically low in calories, and boast many health benefits.

Fruit and Herbal infusions

Fruit Tea Calories

But what can you expect from some of our fruit and herbal teas? Red Berry & Flower (pictured) has around 2 calories per cup, as do Peppermint and Camomile infusions, which are strongly associated with their therapeutic properties. The lack of calories in all our herbal teas make them all extremely healthy options for those counting calories.

Calories breakdown for the Birchall Tea Infusions collection:

Overall, the calorie content in your favourite cup of Birchall Tea is not going to significantly alter your daily calorie intake. However, you must remain mindful with how much milk, sugar or other sweeteners you are adding.

To help with how it all adds up, if you picture one sugar cube, the calories in one cube of sugar equates to roughly 9 calories. Meanwhile, a typical serving of semi-skimmed milk will work out at around 14 calories.

Therefore, if you enjoy an earl grey tea tea with Semi-skimmed milk and one cube of sugar you would be looking at around 23 calories per cup. Tea is a great addition to any balanced diet, the numerous health benefits, combined with the low calorie content will complement any diet and is even encouraged. If you wish to discover more about nutritional information and how to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, please view the NHS guidelines here

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