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Birchall Food Inspiration With Jack Stein

Nov 19, 2015 | #BirchallsBritain, Excellence


We’re very proud to be the Official Tea supplier to Rick Stein’s ‘The Seafood Restaurant’ in Padstow. Their family tradition and dedication to quality draws parallels with our own values and brings Birchall Tea and the Stein restaurants together.

Last week we managed to catch up with Rick’s son Jack, executive chef for the Stein restaurants. Jack kindly gave us this very special food inspiration for cooking delicious root vegetables.

The vegetables are supplied from a local farm in Padstow where they are clamped. Clamping is a technique of preserving vegetables in damp sand. In this instance the Beetroot and Carrots are preserved in sea bed sand from the Padstow harbor. It’s a simple technique for preserving left over vegetables and can easily be done at home.

The vegetables are then baked in salt for an hour to leave a delicious sweet finish, try it at home for yourself!