Jasmine Tea Pearls

75g Loose Leaf Tea  (0 Reviews)


Birchall Jasmine Tea Pearls combine the mild sweetness of green tea with the soft floral notes of jasmine flowers. In our pursuit of quality we have expertly sourced these exquisite jasmine pearls from China’s Fujian province, where the finest examples of this classic green tea are harvested each year.

Upon picking, tender green tea leaves are carefully rolled into silvery pearls and then elaborately infused with the natural scent of fragrant jasmine blossoms. Once steeped, these delicate pearl-shaped treasures unfurl to release the intoxicating fragrance of jasmine and a pale, light bodied liquor that can be enjoyed throughout the day.

This green tea includes:

  • Green Tea
  • Jasmine Flowers


Weight – 75g

Our Jasmine Tea Flowers can be enjoyed anytime but we particularly enjoy it in the evening when you are winding down after the busy day and spending time with the ones you love.


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