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How many cups of tea can you get out of one tea bag?

Jul 24, 2020 | Birchall

One Birchall tea bag packs quite the punch when added to boiling water! Once infused, you will be greeted with the rich flavour and colour that is synonymous with Birchall tea. The key point to remember is that one premium tea bag will always produce the perfect colour, it is mainly dependent on the brew time.

What is brewing?

Brewing, occasionally referred to as steeping, is the process of extracting nutrients and releasing the flavour from an object. With regards to a tea bag, this refers to the amount of time in which you leave your tea bag in the boiling water.

Birchall Tea quality promise

All our tea is of the very highest quality, our meticulous approach to tea selection ensures that only the very best leaves are used. When combined with the perfect brewing time, one tea bag will prove more than enough strength for the perfect cup of tea. We would recommend a brewing time of around two minutes to ensure you get the full colour and rich flavour intended. Our collection is always 100% pure main grade black leaf tea which means no powder, dust or stalk is added. This results in the perfect brew every time.

Bright Cup of Tea

Can I use the same tea bag twice?

We believe in producing the very best tea, we take great pride in only selecting five teas from every 5000 we taste per week in an effort to honour our long-standing pursuit of perfection. We would strongly recommend that you never use the same tea bag twice. It will drastically reduce the flavour and quality of the tea, and we believe that a Birchall’s tea bag should be enjoyed as intended. Subsequent uses of the same tea bag will result in a less satisfying infusion and a disappointing cup of tea. The amount of effort that goes into developing a Birchall tea bag is compromised when used more than once, not to mention the hygienic issues encountered when using the same tea bag twice!